If you’ve ever looked away from the screen while watching a psychological horror film, this supremely creepy FPS game is your chance to Get Even. Developed by The Farm 51 and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Get Even combines the harrowing atmosphere of games like Silent Hill with sci-fi elements that have you questioning authority and what is real around you. Toss in some light puzzle solving, a handful of jump scares, and shootouts vs hapless henchmen, and you’ve got the essence of this engaging experience.

In Get Even, players control former military man Cole Black, who uses a smartphone and the occasional experimental firearm to unravel a conspiracy that has already claimed many lives. The game’s spooky atmosphere and the harrowing soundtrack is its strong point, though the loud Inception braaams sounds do get a bit annoying early on. You know the sound- the one that “bwoooooong” that you hear in a movie trailer to let you know something the director wants you to think is epic is on screen. Get Even utilizes that effect and a handful of others freely to ratchet up the tension, but in my experience, it takes away from potential jump scares when the soundtrack is giving you cues as to when you should have your gun drawn. Like a modern-day horror film, Get Even is best enjoyed in complete darkness and with a grain of salt. It isn’t a revolutionary title, but one that fans of the genre will have enjoyed spending a dark and stormy night with.

Get Even Review Final Thoughts:

While the game is by no means terrible, Get Even doesn’t have any characters or mechanics that particularly stand out. The mental asylum set piece feels as if it’s practically alive, and there are surreal shootouts that see your fallen enemies explode into pixels, but these tropes have all been explored before. Definitely give Get Even a go if you enjoy tense exploration, as this immersive atmosphere is one you’ll love getting lost in.


Get Even on PS4


Get Even Review Score



  • Atmosphere filled with tense and creepy sequences
  • Responsive controls
  • A smartphone with an eternal battery life and useful crime-solving apps that puts any CSI team to shame


  • Middle-of-the-road protagonist and supporting characters
  • Graphics look slightly dated
  • Rambling character dialogue