Like most good TV shows – GET A LIFE from Chris Elliott and David Mirkin was short lived and dubbed a ‘cult classic’ after its short run on Fox TV in the early 1990s.  Prior to Get A Life – actor comedian Chris Elliott made a name for himself as reoccurring characters on Late Night with David Letterman.  His career as a movie actor never quite got off the ground but he had a successful run more recently on Everybody Loves Raymond and How I Met Your Mother.

Chris Elliott fans loved Get A Life mostly due to its off-beat anti-sitcom approach to comedy and the show was way ahead of its time.  Fans were treated to a mere 35 episode run over two seasons.  Years later two DVD collections were released from Rhino and compiled a mix of the ‘best of’ episodes at random.  These discs didn’t do much in the way to showcase the series as a whole and fans were left feeling very incomplete.

Get A Life fans will rejoice again on September 18th 2012 when Shout! Factory releases their COMPLETE collection – spanning all 35 episodes of the show and with bonus features.  The 5-disc set  features excellent packaging with a description of all the episodes and witty info about the show from Tom Shales.  Bonus features were carried over from the previous release and include new audio commentary material and a Q&A with the cast & crew from 2000’s Paley Center event.

This DVD set is a must for fans of Get A Life and/or early 1990s sitcoms.  The original show was made on a small budget so don’t expect much in the way of beautiful re-mastering – the episodes look about as best as they can given the original source material.  GOOD NEWS – the original music seems to be intact including the popular R.E.M. song ‘Stand’ which was used for the opening.  We’ve provided an unboxing video from Robert Welkner to see how the packaging stacks up – so be sure to check that out.

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Get A Life DVD Unboxing Video