Harmonix, makers of the famous Rock Band series, and NCSOFT take you into the world of DJs with their latest release Fuser.

The game takes you through a series of stage performances teaching you the basics of being a DJ and prepping you for your solo performance at night. Each performance takes what the previous lesson taught you and adds additional ways to mix the music to help wow the crowd.

Every song has four color components which are: blue (drums), green (bass), yellow (instruments), and red (vocals). Mix these components utilizing various drops and pickups to create music to entertain the crowd at one of six unlockable venues. Speaking of crowds, make sure you pay attention and accommodate requests to increase your score on your way to a 5-star performance. Points are earned throughout your set as you play song requests, complete tasks such as play two Rock tracks, drop new mixes on the perfect beat, and mix your music enough to keep the attention of your crowd. Along with the roughly 10-hour campaign, you can take your DJ skills into other modes such as Freestyle, Co-op Freestyle, Battles, and Social events where others vote on the best playlist for a given theme. 

Fuser includes 100 tracks with the base game and 25 bonus tracks are included in the VIP edition. Music genres include Dance, Country, Pop, R&B, and Rock. Within those genres, you can find classics such as Dolly Parton’s 1973 classic Jolene to more modern hits like Bad Guy by Billie Eilish. Each component can be mixed with any other component from another track. Mix the vocals from Dolly with the bass from Bud Guy to create your own mix. New songs can be added through virtual currency earned in-game along with several new songs available via a paid DLC option.

Every DJ is unique and Fuser lets you customize your DJ avatar throughout the game. Start with a basic outfit and over time unlock various including masks, makeup, and additional clothing items. Save your outfit and change depending on your mood and the set you are ready to play.

FUSER Review Final Thoughts:

Music fans who have ever had a desire to be a DJ will love Fuser and the creativity it gives you to be your own DJ. Fuser is available now for the PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Pick it up today and start your DJ career!



FUSER Review Score



  • Vibrant and unique color palette with each virtual stage.
  • Wide array of music with new tracks continually added.
  • Easy to follow campaign to learn the game.


  • No great replay-ability once campaign is complete.