Fuse is an action third person shooter featuring tons of futuristic action and co-op play either online or locally.  Fuse was developed by Insomniac whose library of excellent games is extensive with giant hits like the original Spyro, the Ratchet & Clank series and more recently three Resistance games.

Fuse stars a new elite team of mercs known as ‘Overwatch 9‘ who all have their own brand of strengths and abilities.  Izzy was our favorite to use in the game but Dalton, Naya and Jacob each have their own charm.  If you are playing the campaign solo you can ‘leap’ from one character to the next on the fly at any time to test our their special weapons and skills.  Dalton has a shield as a special weapon so be sure to stick close by him if you are using any of the other three characters.

Fuse has great combat with third person action, ducking into cover and hand-to-hand fighting.  There is also some stealth and sneaking around and plenty of large scale boss battles but mostly you are fighting human enemies who will shoot or snipe at you as best as they can.  The A.I. in the game is average – some enemies will fly or run to a better vantage point while others seem to wait for you to maul them down one at a time.

Fuse feels much like a combination of Gears of War and Left For Dead.  The game is obviously meant to be played with three of your friends online together much like Left For Dead and the beefy squad combat reminds us much of Gears of War.  There are many familiar elements in Fuse – in fact probably too many familiar elements and not enough new elements to make this game a classic.  If you are playing solo – there’s no way to control your teammates, there’s no enemy location HUD and the stealth options are very limited.

Fuse is a fun game full of plenty of action and co-op for you and your friends online  – you’ll want to make sure three of your friends intend to purchase the game in order to experience the full reward of the game by playing the campaign together online.

Fuse Official Trailer

Fuse Gameplay Commentary Hijack Transport To Fuse Reactor

Fuse Gameplay Commentary Sabotage Fuse Reactor