For Honor is a new Ubisoft video game that smashes together genres in very interesting ways, while pulling mythology from Norse Vikings, feudal Japan/Samurai, and medieval Knights. The core gameplay mirrors the fighting genre with a bit less intensity to support newer players. Mashing up the fighting genre into a sword-based third person game gives it a unique take on combat and gives players the ability to jump right in, while also giving the option to spend a lot of time perfecting the system.

For Honor’s main draw is the unique multiplayer but it also includes a campaign mode that is used to teach the combat to players while driving along a narrative based on which faction you initially choose to support. In playing the Knight campaign you move from battlefield to battlefield learning the backings to your crew, while taking over castles and pushing the Vikings back into their homeland. The campaign, while more used as a training ground, is actually solid. The boss battles give you good practice at taking on tough opponents and utilizing all the skills at your disposal, and the broad scope of the battle shows you the Dominion point capture system that is the primary multiplayer mode.Single player is not the reason to play For Honor, but it’s not something to skip, either.

Single player is not the reason to play For Honor, but it’s not something to skip, either. Multiplayer gives players multiple game modes, but focuses on a capture-the-point mode called Dominion. In Dominion, you play with three other players online versus four online players and a handful of AI. Throughout the match, you try to capture points and push the enemy back to reduce their lines. Multiplayer is quite fun and features enough leveling, loot, and customizations to keep you going. Ubisoft has also added a meta game that puts your faction against both other factions in a real-time capture the map mode that introduces seasons and incentives to players to remain on one faction and fight to win the map segments for that faction.

Final thoughts on the For Honor review:

For Honor is a tough game to sell because it doesn’t necessarily fit in any one video game genre. I’d say if you’re into lighter fighting games with a sword-based combat twist then check it out. It’s not a terribly amazing game, but it does do enough new to warrant a playthrough and time with multiplayer. This is a game you may want to rent before buying, but don’t be afraid to give it a shot even if you don’t like basic fighting games.

For Honor on PS4


For Honor Review Score



  • New style of game, mixing multiple genres into a fun, new package.
  • Fun multiplayer with a meta-game overview putting your faction against the others.
  • Beautiful visuals.


  • Not a ton of depth. Short single player campaigns and, despite ability to prestige, multiplayer might get old after a month.
  • Single player is more a tutorial for multiplayer, despite a decently-told story.
  • Much more of a $30 package, expensive at $60.