For Honor from Ubisoft was an interesting oddity to me when I reviewed it back in February of 2017. A brawler game mixed heavily with multiplayer, a good amount of customization, and a bit of fighting game flair. It wasn’t amazing but certainly wasn’t terrible. Fast-forward a year and a half and impressively, the content is still coming. With the newest giant update to the game, called For Honor Marching Fire, a new host of content breathes fresh life into this game as a service. The update overhauls the game’s graphics completely, adds a few new fighters (Wu Lin faction, if you don’t buy the expansion you can use in-game currency to unlock),  and a fun new multiplayer mode called “Breach“. It also adds a basic Arcade mode that lets you practice against computer opponents to hone your skills.

Breach mode is the highlight here, and it’s exactly what the name says. If you’ve ever played Overwatch, Breach mode is very similar to escort mode. One team escorts a battering ram towards the castle stronghold of team 2, in which their commander is situated (who team 1 must kill). The defending team can win by killing the commander, running out the clock, or killing the attacking team a certain number of times. The attacking team wins by killing the commander. They must first traverse through a few checkpoints along the way, though.

for honor marching fire dlc review

For Honor Marching Fire DLC also adds some new perks, maps for Breach mode, and a few more odds and ends. Overall, if you’re willing to shell out $30 (or $15/in-game currency on Oct. 30 for the new characters), you can unlock the new characters immediately and get right into the new gameplay with Arcade mode. The new content is a nice facelift to an aging game that needed some depth back on launch. I think breach mode is a lot more fun than the straight-up PvP multiplayer, and it never hurts to overhaul the graphics in your game to put forward a new, refreshed face.