For Honor is a new IP that was revealed during the Ubisoft E3 2015 Press Conference and features 4v4 hand to hand combat.  For our hands-on demo we were walked through a short tutorial of the game mechanics that mostly included locking onto enemies and being able to block and attack with swords.

Once the action started in For Honor our team of 4 warriors raced out of a castle to attack multiple targets – hacking and slashing our way through them – eventually ending up on non-npc enemies who fought bravely against our attacks.  The demo we played at E3 was almost like a medieval version of a Call of Duty multiplayer map in which you have to gain control of various areas by killing the opponents.

The melee combat in For Honor reminded us of Dark Souls in which pacing, movement and timing were all critical to gain an advantage against the enemy.  You can even roll out of harm’s way much like being able to avoid attacks in Dark Souls however the game is much faster paced and you’ll find yourself quickly ganging up on opponents or fighting for your life against a mob.

For Honor definitely gets the blood pumping – the controls and graphics hit the mark and for a few minutes of E3 we were transported into an entirely different and brutal time of warfare.

For Honor E3 2015 Trailer