Gootecks, COIN-OP TV LIVE, MadCatz, TheStream.TV and Evo Energy Drinks sponsored the first LA RIOTS Street Fighter IV Tournament over the weekend (Sat Dec 5, 2009). Eight of Southern California’s top Street Fighter IV players including Gootecks, Keno, Ken I, Combofiend, Combojack, Mike Ross, Kai and Shizza were chosen to participating in this live streaming tournament at TheStream.TV studio. Every match was broadcast live with Cami, John Rog and Gootecks supplying  commentary. There was also before and after match interviews by Hailey Bright of COIN-OP TV LIVE.

The tournament was a standard eight player double elimination with $500 cash and a fancy trophy up for grabs for the first place winner. Second and third place walked home with a brand new Street Fighter Tournament Edition Fighting Stick from MadCatz. There was pre-roll video and graphics to help enhance the viewer’s experience and multiple cameras to showcase gameplay, audience, players and more! Combofiend finished in first place with Keno in second and Kai rounding out third place. Congratulations to all who participated – we look forward to doing an LA Riots again in 2010!

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