Final Fantasy XV will release in September 2016 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from Square Enix.  During our media event we were informed that Final Fantasy XV as a ‘brand’ will be touching on different multimedia to help spread the experience on the video game.  According to developer reports the ‘build is on schedule’ and has been in development for years and you can see the ‘age’ of the engine from previews and trailers.

final fantasy xv

During our Final Fantasy XV preview the development team described the upcoming game as ‘finalized combat system is sexy’ which sounds like something to describe a classic automobile rather than a video game mechanic.  During the presentation we were treated to a ‘magic synthesis system’ as part of the demo and shown a diner area for side quests and areas for driving around.

We’ll be curious to see what the response is for Final Fantasy XV once people get a closer look during the E3 Expo 2016 as of right now the game doesn’t scream ‘next gen’ technology or gameplay.