Final Fantasy XIII-2 is out now on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – the story picks up years after the last game following characters Noel and Serah as they set out to find Lightning.  Fan service and broad appeal was not met in the last offering of this franchise so there was much pressure on Square Enix and their development team to present a strong game repairing the damage left behind in Final Fantasy XIII.

We’ve only had our hands on the game for a few days but so far can tell you that we appreciate the upgrades in battle tactics.  Paradigm shift is a way to assign attacking (or defensive) specifics during battle – a nice feature.  We also like being able to recruit monsters to fight alongside with you in combat – let’s face it, most of the Final Fantasy experience is fighting so anything that expands the experience is a plus!  Graphics and music are top notch as expected with tons of random fighting to be had just around the corner.

It’s still early to tell if the tweaks and adjustments are enough to bring back hardcore Final Fantasy fans or invite in new faces to the mix but what we’ve seen thus far has made us pleasantly satisfied!  Be sure to check out all of our gameplay videos and trailers for more on Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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