What do Twitter, an iPhone and zombies all have in common?  TWEET DEFENSE!

Our friends at Promethium Marketing Group have released Tweet Defense, a unique mobile game which interfaces your Twitter account with an iPhone to help you fight colorful zombies and play with your friends all over the zombie invested Internet!  Call upon the help of your friends via Twitter to reinforce and strengthen your weapons and barriers to fight back the hordes of zombies.

The game not only includes a fun and clever way to interact with friends but some top stellar voice talent like Carlos Ferro (famous for ‘Dom’ in Gears of War) and COIN-OP TV’s very own Hailey Bright as the voice of ‘Mombie’ (the red-headed pregnant zombie antagonist).

Any zombie on the block will tell you that Tweet Defense for under a buck is carnage worth owning!
Find out more here: http://tweetdefense.com