Fallout 4 has been well-maintained since its launch late last year. We’ve had a few story DLC packs up to this point, with Far Harbor being the other large pack. Nuka World rivals Far Harbor in size and scope, and offers a bit of a twist to those still churning through the wasteland.

Fallout 4 Nuka World’s story has your character becoming the head of Nuka World, and trying to broker peace (or take down) three rival raider factions all working within the theme park. The narrative is fun, and gives users the chance to be the bad guy if they’d like. I, like most, played generally good through the entirety of the main game, so it was fun to choose some more mean-spirited choices in the DLC. Overall the storyline isn’t as good asFar Harbor, but the world itself lives up to the hype.

There aren’t a ton of new systems to be found in this DLC, but one interesting concept that is introduced is the ability to mix your own Nuka Cola flavors for added buffs. This could come in handy if you wanted to brew a bunch and keep them stocked in your inventory. Otherwise Nuka World is more about the exploration and management of the gangs.

Overall my impressions of the last story-based DLC for Fallout 4 are solid. It’s not as good asFar Harbor in the story and atmosphere department, but it is cool to do missions and explore inside a giant abandoned theme park. Anyone itching for more Fallout 4 content might want to grab this, as we likely won’t get more Fallout until the next game in the series.