Fallout 4 was easily one of my most played games over the past year since it launched last November. The game has its issues, but overall the depth and sheer amount of things to do wins out and makes it one massive time sink, and an enjoyable one at that. So now that the season pass content has begun to slowly trickle out, I once again find myself back in the Commonwealth killing raiders and this time, robots.

Automatron is the first DLC from the season pass (or around $10 separately) and it adds a 2 hour questline as well as a brand new component to the overall game, robot crafting/building. The questline follows your pursuit of a Silver Shroud villain called the Machinist. It’s got some good dialogue with fun new characters, some interesting new enemies, and overall is a decent little side story for the money. The biggest thing that makes this DLC worth your cash is the robot building, though. You can now collect various robot parts and build a robot crafting station where you can combine all of the pieces into numerous different kinds of robots. They can be mixed as well. You could put a jet booster on a robot that would typically have legs, for instance, and more. I had a lot of fun playing around with pieces and colors, and essentially crafting a new companion from scratch to take on my journeys.

Overall there isn’t a ton to say about Atomatron because it’s the first DLC of the bunch and a smaller DLC at that, but it kicks things off well with a nice quest and the addition of the robot crafting. If you were hesitant to buy the DLC or even the season pass you can rest assured that it’s at least off to a good start.