Bethesda Softworks’ The Evil Within 2 is a survival horror action game that is absolutely engulfed in an eerie atmosphere. Following the events of 2014’s The Evil Within, this title sees the shell of the man that was former detective Sebastian Castellanos coping with the death of his family and dealing with the evil Mobius corporation… and their mind-altering STEM device. Think The Matrix meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Resident Evil, and you’ve got a gist of the wild environments conjured up in The Evil Within 2.

If you’re jumping headfirst into The Evil Within 2, know that the typical run-and-gun or cover fire combat tactics that you’d use in a typical third-person shooter don’t necessarily work here. You’ll have to keep your wits about you if you want to survive the imaginary city of Union, which is filled with the nightmare fuel that keeps the main protagonist Castellanos at the bottom of a bottle. With rage-filled zombies and other monstrosities coming after you, you’ll need to use everything in your environment to survive, from empty glass bottles that serve as handy distractions to weapon components that can be used to craft new armaments to keep you alive. There’s a conspiracy to unravel, a team to extract, and a deeply personal connection for Castellanos, though the biggest hurdle you’ll have to help him get past is his own mind – and the evil within, too.

The Evil Within 2 Review Final Thoughts:

More of a creepy interactive storybook than a fast-paced action romp, The Evil Within 2 values style over substance, at least at first. After spending some time navigating through Union, you too will grow to appreciate the care that went into the level design, intuitive controls, and pitch-perfect (albeit a little campy) writing. Anyone that likes their gameplay deliberate and methodical should definitely give The Evil Within 2 a try – just be sure to keep your lights on.


The Evil Within 2 on PS4


The Evil Within 2 Review Score



  • Superbly spooky dynamic environments.
  • A gritty protagonist with a viable reason to traverse the hellscape in his mind.
  • Intense action sequences to balance out tense stretches of exploration.


  • Repetitive enemies and familiar scenarios.
  • Slow pacing may leave some gamers alienated, if not slightly bored.