Dear WB Games/DC Comics/Monolith,

We appreciate your having read our previous communiques and partially taking our well thought-out and overwhelmingly correct advice. We hoped greatly that you were turning over a new leaf by forcing your community of players to pay for recently announced Gotham City Impostors DLC. Unfortunately is has come to our attention that with this paid content another freebie is on its way to your customers. Come on guys! You know why they’re called customers right? Making games and making money are the same thing, and I thought we all agreed at the last big “out of touch industry personnel” meeting to monetize everything. Remember Mike over at [REDACTED] gave that really cool Power Point presentation titled “Micro transaction into Macro Deniro”? We’ve been working with that plan for years and you’re really starting to make us look bad over here. Giving stuff away, you guys are jerks.