The UnderGarden from Atari and Vitamin G Studios will be a download game this fall (2010) for the Xbox, PSN and PC.  We had a chance to play The UnderGarden a couple weeks ago at a private media event and walked away wanting more.  The game is visually stunning, making us realize what a shame it was that so many early XBL games were restricted in file size.  The game features dynamic 3D graphics that are organic and change as you move through the environment.  Your character is a cute and cuddly alien-looking ‘thing’ that looks like he (or she) was plucked out of the Teletubbies  universe.

The Undergarden from Vitamin G on Vimeo.

At the heart of The UnderGarden is exploring and puzzle solving.  There is generally more then one way to solve a puzzle, and since you cannot die or run out of time, it leaves for a casual and stress-free experience.  The game developers admit that The UnderGarden is meant more for those who want to decompress and relax and not so much as a fast ‘pick up and play’ experience.  The UnderGarden achieves a surreal balance of casual and relaxing gameplay – complete with fantastic visuals and music.