The EA Press Conference for E3 Expo 2016 livestreamed from two locations – Los Angeles and London and both featured new trailers and pre-edited features.  Titanfall 2 which will land in stores October 28, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC kicked off the show with both a single player trailer and multiplayer trailer.  Mechs and soldiers duked it out at an even faster pace than before – we got to see combat with swords and strange looking aliens.

The EA Press Conference showcased upcoming popular sports franchises like FIFA 17 and Madden 17 with discussion on the new mechanics, being balanced and also highlighting the importance of competitive play.

We had a chance to see some of Mass Effect Andromeda from an edited behind the scenes feature where developers discussed how the game would be building on things fans loved and introducing a new adventure.  Mass Effect Andromeda developers claim the world will be bigger, have more freedom and is powered by the Frostbite engine.

mass effect andromeda

Star Wars was showcased as a ‘brand’ with a behind the scenes feature but no new titles or details exactly on what to expect in the coming years outside of a couple of conceptual art pieces.  This section was a definite waste of time as it was basically EA patting themselves on the back saying ‘we are working on Star Wars games – stay tuned’.

EA announced a new indie game published through their newly announced ‘EA Originals’ called ‘Fe‘.  Fe looks like a stylized adventure game with platforming elements but lacked anything exciting to build hype.

Battlefield 1 closed the event with a new trailer showing additional gameplay in fast cuts – making it very difficult to get a ‘sense’ of the game.  Battlefield 1 developers explained that the new game will introduce behemoth vehicles like an armored train, airship and more.  They also mentioned how Battlefield 1 maps have conditions that will require you to adjust and adapt your play style accordingly.