With the E3 Expo 2016 upon us soon – now is a good time to catch up on gaming slang and focus on some key words used in today’s industry.


VR versus AR:

VR stands for ‘Virtual Reality‘ and AR stands for ‘Augmented Reality‘.  Virtual Reality applies to new technology like the Oculus Rift where a person wearing a headset is transported into a view of original images as part of an immersive 3D environment while Augmented Reality takes existing things in our world and adds images and effects to them like the upcoming Pokemon Go game.


FPS versus MMORPG:

FPS stands for ‘First Person Shooter‘ and MMORPG stands for ‘Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game‘.  FPS games are like Doom or Call of Duty where the player’s perspective is everything in front of him/her while MMORPG generally has a top-down view of the game in which many participants are involved at the same time on screen like World of Warcraft.  MMORPG games generally have some type of leveling up system involved hence the ‘role-playing’ aspect of the name but we’ve seen many other games including FPS including this type of progression as well.



Slots is short for ‘Slot Machines‘ a common term in the U.S. Online Casinos while online Pokies is short for ‘Poker Machines‘ and is a common word used in Australia and New Zealand.  Both Slots or Pokies pay out in the same way – based on patterns or symbols displayed on a screen when the machine comes to a conclusion.  With the advent of Golden Riviera Australia Casino becoming more popular now is the time to expand your vocabulary on the global experience.