Konami has always had the luxury of a handful of titles in their arsenal that fans anxiously await another helping – mostly things like the Silent Hill series and Dance Dance Revolution.  In fact – the last major Konami event we attended last year was nothing but DDR games (Konami DDR at Royal T Cafe).  Last year’s press conference was mocked for the tech hiccups and strange presentation so this year Konami made sure there would be no room for error by providing journalists in attendance a front row seat to watch their pre-produced video content that outlined specifically what games and new things would be on their table in the next year.

We included ‘NeverDead’ as one of our ‘one to watch’ for E3 2011 in the latest COIN-OP TV video (jump to video here) – the new footage of NeverDead doesn’t disappoint but does seem to be veering in a more action based game then moody body disbursement fighter we initially expected.  Watch the entire press conference video embed above for the full scoop on Konami’s upcoming games and more!