Hard to wrap up a week’s worth of news, stories and game demos in one post but here’s the short version of our COIN-OP TV adventures at E3 Expo 2010 with Robert Welkner and Hailey Bright!

Tuesday – Sony started the day with their press conference showcasing 3D games like the new Grand Turismo and featured footage from Killzone 3.  Since the GDC press conference already showed off their upcoming Move – this conference was more about the hardcore games and 3D.  On the show floor we interviewed developers from EA’s Medal of Honor, Quantum Theory and Vindictus from Nexon.  We also got our hands on Rock Band 3 and were impressed by the song selections as well as the new keyboard!

Tuesday evening was all about the Pac-Man party from Namco Bandai where we were treated to a first look at their upcoming Pac-Man 3D cartoon!  Later that night we checked out the SFX360 party which included gamer celebs Prod1gy (pro gamer) and Carlos Ferro (voice actor).

Wednesday we got hands on with Hunted from Bethesda and an early look at iD’s Rage which both look amazing.  At the Capcom booth we checked out Marvel vs Capcom 3 which is coming along nicely and played some Just Dance 2.

Wednesday night was all about the THQ party at The Standard downtown to celebrate their game ‘Homefront‘.  Some of the VIP celebs in attendance were Rachel Bilson, Clarke Duke, Tomonobu Itagaki, Joe Madureira and Playmate Jo Garcia.

Thursday we interviewed devs for Vanquish and Dead Space 2 – also got a closer look at XCOM.  Fans who went by the NYKO booth were treated to giant images of Hailey Bright on their wall!  We got to meet Chris from Joystick Junkies who had a small booth in the West Hall – downtown Los Angeles was crazy with the Laker playoff game 7 happening the same night.

Some pictures below – but you can find all of them here: