You’ve got a Nintendo Wii sitting around the living room collecting dust, a Wii Fit Board tucked away under the couch and Wii Zapper Gun in the corner — what to do?  Lucky for you – Namco Bandai has come up with a reason to dig out all these goodies one last time for their latest video game ‘Go Vacation‘.  Go Vacation is a cut above the usual family party activity games out there for the Nintendo Wii – which is saying A LOT considering the options.

Go Vacation takes place on an island in Kawaii at a virtual resort with a good amount of activities and challenges to keep you busy.  The game does give a feeling of ‘being on vacation’ and sweeping you away to another place for some fun and simple activities.  One thing to mention is that there is also some fun to be gained in just traveling around by jet ski or walking – we’ve included a video of some gameplay to illustrate navigating around the game on water.

Go Vacation from Namco Bandai is out now at a discount price for
the Nintendo Wii and is a decent holiday stocking stuffer – you can check
out more on the game by visiting: