We’ve been on the Dragon’s Dogma hype train since early last year so it was especially appealing to get our hands on the demo which Capcom released on the Xbox 360 this week.  The demo doesn’t offer too much – in fact, it felt as though the download time to actually get the demo extended longer then our playtime but something is always better then nothing, right?

Dragon’s Dogma has had an excellent marketing campaign with trailers and promotions helping build excitement for this new IP which merges fantasy with sword and sorcery action – oh and there’s dragons!  A huge selling point for Dogma is that it will come packaged with a code to redeem/download the Resident Evil 6 demo early.

With all this in motion – you’d think Capcom would release a demo to the public that was simple yet engaging enough for both hardcore and casual players to wet their appetite for Dragon’s Dogma which comes out May 22th.  Not really – in fact – we can’t think of the last time so many tweets and articles (OXM’s article) about ‘how to play a demo’ surfaced to the top of our radar.  It’s not so much that the Dragon’s Dogma demo is a mess or not fun but just not the sort of ‘introduction’ a game like this needs to have.

We all want difficult, challenging and engaging video games to play full of options and controls to customize at will.  The Dragon’s Dogma demo drops you into battle pretty quickly – doesn’t hold your hand at all and by the time it’s over you’ll be scratching your head trying to figure out what happened.

Video game demos, especially brand new titles, should be easy to play yet difficult to master.  As a general consumer I was engaged enough to ‘want more’ from Dragon’s Dogma after the demo yet I questioned if I would be willing to spend the $60+ it would take to seek that answer.  Tune in next month for our full review of the game and be sure to check out our gameplay/commentary video.

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