Dragon Ball Xenoverse is out now for multiple systems from Bandai Namco Games based on the hit anime series Dragon Ball.  The game taps into different characters and story aspects from the Dragon Ball universe with its time-travel conceit inside the Time Storage Vault where Time Patrol Trunks tasks you with restoring history.

The gameplay for Dragon Ball Xenoverse is much like those in the past – you can get by with mostly button-mashing and guessing but more skilled players will figure out how to use button combos to perform even more dramatic attacks.  For the campaign you can select the particular ‘race’ of character you want to play as and take on their characteristics in battle.  As you move forward in the story you will unlock outfits and diversified attacks and combos – all necessary as the game’s difficulty ramps up pretty quickly.

Overall Dragon Ball Xenoverse feels much like the past games with its flawed combat and strange camera movement however we’ve witness first-hand that anime fans of this series gobble this stuff up like candy so the development team must be doing something right!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is out now for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.  This marks the first Dragon Ball game for ‘next-gen’ consoles however graphics and engine performance don’t yield any surprises.