Flashy and frantically fast-paced, Dragon Ball FighterZ is the best video game representation of the Dragon Ball franchise to date. Featuring characters from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, these 3-on-3 2D fights look as incredibly good as they play. Unlike other fighting games that have been released in recent years without basic features like an arcade mode, Dragon Ball FighterZ is rich with more than enough content to keep DBZ and fighting game fans going at it until Zeno blinks them out of existence.

The best aspect of Dragon Ball FighterZ by far is how easy it is to pick up and play. If you can fire off a Hadouken, then you can perform the majority of the moves in this game. That said, Dragon Ball FighterZ is deep once you learn the nuances of the 24 playable characters’ attacks and build your dream team to tackle any enemies that come your way. Playing through the game’s training and story modes are highly recommended, as the online community has already surpassed the skill level of the in-game CPU. While intimidating to first-timers, it’s best to embrace this challenge as a motivational tool to train and get better just as a certain spiky-haired Saiyan would.

Also of note is the lack of loot boxes in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Stickers, costume colors, emotes, lobby avatars, and other cosmetic changes can be obtained via Capsule Corp capsules using Zeni, the in-game currency earned by completing quests and fighting. Real-world currency cannot be used to buy these items, so if you want to impress others while waiting to pummel their face into the ground, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way and earn it.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review Final Thoughts:

Despite the overwhelming hype surrounding the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ, it is (thankfully) justified. Local and online 3v3 fights that play silky smooth will give this game serious longevity, both in the fighting game scene and among players worldwide. The wait times that were prevalent when finding online battles are gone, though the loading times getting in and out of lobbies can be a little taxing at times. Beyond that, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a game worthy of a wish from Shenron.

Dragon Ball FighterZ on PS4


Dragon Ball FighterZ Review Score



  • Simple controls and lots of nuanced moves to learn across the roster.
  • Training mode, story mode, arcade mode, online play – so many ways to git gud.
  • Cell shaded visuals directly inspired by the manga and anime series.
  • A brand new story and original characters designed by Akira Toriyama himself.


  • Fan-favorite character omissions, including Broly, Bardock, Jiren, and others, which may mean DLC is around the corner.
  • Zeni grinding for random cosmetic items, though duplicates can be traded in to get the exact things you want.
  • Annoying loading screens getting in and out of lobbies, even if you’re playing vs the CPU.