Electronics Arts showed us a behind-closed-doors presentation at E3 of the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition – the third game in the series from BioWare.  We had a chance to witness a male Dwarven Warrior taking out enemies and leading his team/party.  You can once again switch between your team/party anytime to assume the battle and play-style of your liking but this time around you can also ‘freeze’ the game to set out strategic commands and watch things unfold before you or jump into the action as it plays out.

Dragon Age Inquisition looks pretty however still suffers from the ‘old-gen’ look similar to Dark Souls 2 or Dragon’s Dogma.  The developers mentioned while demonstrating the game that this is the first time you can mount and ride horses in the Dragon Age franchise – something we’ve been doing frequently in other RPG games.  At the heart of Dragon Age Inquisition the game will try to bring in a multiplayer experience into a single-player game – something most of us loved the first time around yet disdained the sequel.

For our presentation the developers talked about how choice and consequences are ‘back’ and will be affecting particular outcomes of the storyline — something the BioWare team has mastered over the years.  Some other positives was getting to see a large battle against a dragon and use of the ‘tactical view’ (which reminds us somewhat of Xcom).

Some things that made us go ‘meh’ – when attacking enemies – there’s absolutely no hit detection/response – slash away at enemies and hurt them but watch as your sword slashes through their bodies with no physical reaction.  Something else that made us scratch out head was when you are in the lead character/party role up in front – it’s difficult to imagine what your AI teammates are up to or if they are even following you or not off-camera.

Dragon Age Inquisition should release in Oct 2014 – for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

Dragon Age Inquisition E3 Trailer