Doom (2016) surprised most fans and critics with its fast and frenzy gameplay action. The new Doom did well to revamp a classic franchise and brought hype back to the series. Doom (2016) from id Software and Bethesda Softworks pushed the boundaries for graphics and sound effects and many wondered what the game would look like on the Nintendo Switch. We recently had a chance to play the handheld version of Doom running on the Nintendo Switch at a Bethesda preview event.

Doom (2016) on the Nintendo Switch handheld was just as fast as we remembered it from our time on the PlayStation 4. It was difficult to make a visual comparison since we could only play the game on the tiny handheld screen but if that is the only way you intend to play this game then you will be pleasantly satisfied. We used the Nintendo Pro Controller which is also a good fit for playing Doom docked or handheld as we cannot imagine the Joy-Cons surviving the pace of the game.

Doom for the Nintendo Switch is expected to release sometime before the end of the year in 2017.  Doom appears to have interest from fans of the Nintendo Switch who have never played the game before and critics who are curious to see how a graphically intense game will run on the system.