Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment is a new take on the idea behind Minecraft. It’s a game, in that you need an electronic device to play it and it has graphics and stuff. But by definition shouldn’t a game have a goal or series of goals? The only objective in Don’t Starve is… don’t starve. You’re dropped into a wilderness and simply tasked with staying alive. The game tells the player nothing, putting the burden of creating an experience on you. The basic gameplay consist of running around the forest collecting grass, carrots, certain types of stones, and anything else that might be useful. The carrots can be eaten or used to bait traps to catch rabbits. That is if you have enough supplies to construct the trap. Gathering supplies and combining them in to useful items is key to survival and to mastering prerequisites for more advanced creation options.

Sharing a pedigree with Shank, Shank 2, and Mark of the Ninja you’d expect a certain level of visual style in Don’t Starve. Expect and you shall receive. Don’t Starve is unique among the previously mentioned games with kind of a Tim Burton vibe to it. Dark and a little Gothic with muted colors it wouldn’t be surprising if the concept art for the game was a bunch of ball point pen sketches in a note book. That’s not to say it looks bad, on the contrary, it looks very good with an art style that reflects perfectly the game over all.