DBZ_Attack_of_the_SaiyansUsing the story from the Saiyan Saga, Attack of the Saiyans (from Namco Bandai) tries to please fans by releasing the Japanese DS title with the same name.   Unfortunately the game suffers from bad translations and very repetitive gameplay, making it hard to rise above the crowded gaming Holiday season.  Stocking stuffer or not – let’s take a closer look!

With the writing humor aimed at the teenage market, Namco Bandai attempts to retell a story that has been told a few different times throughout the TV series and previous video games. If you are going to make a game with a story that your fans already know, why make the dialog system so annoying to use? Using emoticons, every character shows their emotion before they say something and after a while you begin to not even care what the characters have to say or feel. Each character starts with 3 Ki abilities plus the normal RPG moves, except every character has one ability that was way better than the rest. It became a memorization game of how fast you can go through the attack menu to complete each round.

If you are a fan of the series, you already know the story and probably would much rather just play through the game without reading the dialog. Honestly, that’s the only way to go through this game. If you have a DS and are a hardcore Dragon Ball fan then you might want to pick up the game when it drops in price. If you aren’t either, you would be crazy to even consider picking up this game. Namco Bandai needs to focus on making every aspect of the game function and be fun at the same time.