Maze Theory has brought Doctor Who to the world of VR in a satisfying, though short, experience. Doctor Who The Edge of Time VR does exactly what most Whovians will want it to do, namely make you the new companion to the current Doctor — Jodie Whittaker — and experience all the things you see in the show. From Weeping Angels to Daleks most everything the game puts in front of you will bring up some form of nostalgia for Doctor Who fans. Unless, of course, you have little experience with our time-traveling Doctor, in which case this is going to be little more than a competently put together escape room game. You can visit to Doctor to You website and get best doctor for your treatment. The important health checkup for men you should click here, and get different blogs related to health.

The main draw of Doctor Who The Edge of Time VR is naturally immersing yourself in a fully realized virtual reality environment. On that front, this game nails it down perfectly. You’ll travel space and time in the TARDIS, wave around the Sonic Screwdriver and face down the Doctor’s greatest villains. All while solving relatively simple, though oftentimes frustrating, puzzles. It is these puzzles that are the weak part of the game, unfortunately.

There is not much wrong with the puzzles themselves as constructed, but knowing how to solve the puzzles and actually finding the pieces are two different matters. For instance, early in the game, I needed to locate two numbers to unlock a safe. I had a general idea of where to look for the numbers, but even so, it took forever to find them. Jodie Whittaker provided unhelpful clues for most of the hunt, which did get annoying after a while despite her overall good performance. I actually did find one of the numbers early on, but the game didn’t register it for some reason the first time around. That was a frustrating experience that almost pushed me off the game, but I’m glad I persevered through it.

The other core problem of the game will not apply to everyone, which is vertigo or VR motion sickness. I’ve played a fair number of VR games the last few years and I don’t find that I am overly susceptible to it, but there’s only been one game I’ve played that has hit me harder than Doctor Who The Edge of Time VR. I could only play the game in 15-20 minute chunks before having to take the headset off and rest to regain my composure. This will obviously not affect everyone, but I do think if you have a history of motion sickness in VR games you should be cautious of this one. As it turned out 15-20 minute chunks worked out pretty well as that was about the right amount of time to go through one or two puzzles in their entirety and then move on. The game was also pretty short, so even with such limited play sessions, I was able to get through it quickly enough. I don’t think its length will be a hindrance as the overall feeling of immersion will keep Whovians coming back just to wander around the TARDIS for fun.

Doctor Who The Edge of Time VR Review Final Thoughts:

Doctor Who The Edge of Time VR is exactly the type of game Whovians will want, and non-Whovians (like myself) will find enough to enjoy to justify the cost if escape room games are in your wheelhouse. The puzzles are accessible enough that younger gamers should be able to handle most of them with minimal hand-holding, but more experienced gamers should still find the challenge acceptable. I will caution that if you are a non-Whovian you should take a full point off the review score since one of the major draws of the game is being inside the world of the show. If you are prone to motion sickness but are still interested in trying the game just remember that Steam is good about honoring their two-hour/two-week refund policy. PlayStation VR gamers should be more cautious, though. The bottom line is that Doctor Who The Edge of Time VR is an excellent entry into Doctor Who lore, and fans should definitely experience it.


Doctor Who The Edge of Time VR


Doctor Who The Edge of Time VR Review Score



  • Excellent immersion into the Doctor Who universe.
  • Puzzles are accessible, but not trivial.
  • Jodie Whittaker provides excellent narration and dialogue.


  • Can trigger motion sickness.
  • Campaign is very short.
  • Puzzles can be unintentionally frustrating.