DmC (Devil May Cry) is one of my favorite games of the year, so when I heard there would be DLC and that you’d get to play as Dante‘s brother Vergil I was hyped. Now that I have gotten my hands on the full DLC I am glad to have played it, but am left feeling slightly underwhelmed.The plot in the DLC follows Vergil after the events of the main DmC story (so beat that first!) as he falls into “hell” and begins taking orders from his “hollow” self to enact revenge against his whole family. The cut scenes are done in a comic style similar to what you’d see in inFAMOUS, and are decent overall. The story is alright, and sets up the (hopefully) next game a bit, but doesn’t really go anywhere in the end and leaves you with more questions than answers.

The gameplay, however, is the star here. Vergil has a slightly different move-set than Dante. Your main and lift attacks are similar, but in place of the gun you have the “shooting swords” that you saw Vergil use in the main game. The angel and devil powers utilize these and turn the swords blue or red, resulting in pulling an enemy to you or teleporting you to them. It’s all similar to Dante, but different enough to be fun. They also throw some new enemy types at you that are quite interesting to fight.  The visuals look great here, even though most of the game takes place in hell where you’ll be platforming a good deal and fighting on platforms similar to the Dante sections where he gets/tests each new power in the full game. My main playtime on the normal difficulty was around 2 hours. I did not go back and replay on the harder modes or find all of the hidden items/keys/faces. This DLC is short for any one playthrough, but does offer some solid replay value.

Overall the DLC is a solid bit of gameplay if you’re looking for that, and adds some to the story, but is shorter than expected (unless you’re a collector)  and doesn’t really deepen Vergil’s character at all. I hope if we see more DLC from Ninja Theory that it contains more than one location and more story overall. Is it worth the price? Well, ask yourself if you would pay for a few more hours of DmC gameplay with some tweaked mechanics. It’s still DmC though, and more DmC is always good in my book.

DmC Vergil’s Downfall DLC Gameplay Imprisoner Boss Battle

DmC Vergil’s Downfall DLC Gameplay