DmC aka Devil May Cry is one of Capcom’s most loved and recognized franchises.  Fan reaction was mixed when they saw images come through for the ‘new look’ Dante – gone was the long black coat and brooding vampire-like hair and attitude.  The ‘new DmC’ Dante has short hair and looks like something from a ‘boy band’.

Concerns on the ‘new look’ aside – DmC gameplay is just as fun, fast and exciting as it was in the past.  It’s unlikely that we’ll see any ‘new Dante’ cosplayers anytime soon but from our short playthrough of the latest build we were highly entertained and intrigued for more.  Ninja Theory is new on the development team – which is good news because their last game Enslaved was a groundbreaking and fun experience.  There’s tons of attacks that revolve around basic gun/sword play then there’s the extra stuff that comes from your Demon and/or Angel powers – players also have freedom of movement with the camera.

We’ll have more info on the Devil May Cry reboot when the game becomes available for a full review – stay tuned!