Outspark games (who made a name for themselves with the popular Free2Play game Fiesta) invited us out to demo two of their upcoming titles Divine Souls and Fists of Fu. Both games fall into the category of Free2Play online MMO’s for your PC. We like to cover these types of games because, frankly, who doesn’t want something for free?

Divine Souls is the one we got the most playing time on and it looked fantastic. The game is set in a fantasy world that has some science fiction-like elements. We played the single player campaign using an Xbox 360 controller as the ‘Fighter’ class (they also showed off the Mage and Slasher). The camera moved smooth and at no point did we lose sight of the action or enemies. Visually this game looks like it belongs in a box. By that we mean – it surprises us to think that Divine Souls looks and sounds so brilliant as a Free2Play game. The NPC characters had stylized voice acting, fighting was balanced between offensive and defensive capabilities and the music rises and falls with the pacing of the game.

Like other Free2Play games – Outspark offers flexible monetizing. You can play the game for free all you want or you can spend money in micro transactions which can help level up or be used just for cosmetic purposes. Since the company has been around for over three years – it’s safe to assume they’ll balance out these transactions.

While Divine Souls offers a ‘serious’ looking fantasy MMO – Fists of Fu turns the genre completely around. Fists of Fu looks like a cartoon – it has oddly shaped characters with tons of personality. The story is about a character’s ‘pursuit for food’ and is intended for all ages. Both games have multiple playing options outside of single player campaign like various Player Vs Player modes. Outspark expects to release both Divine Souls and Fists of Fu in the Fall 2010.