While it starts off with a bang, the Divide video game quickly slows down to a snail’s pace. Developed and published by Exploding Tuba Studios, Divide is a hybrid point-and-click adventure with spurts of twin stick shooting and stealth gameplay. As widowed father David, players are quickly thrown into a conspiracy-laden world where they’re compelled to learn about Vestige, the corporation that may be tied to David’s wife’s death. Unfortunately, the action slows way down after the robot v. Taser fight that kicks things off, leading to hours of walking, clicking, and reading.

As you gradually progress through the game, you’ll come across characters with ties to Vestige, including former employees and current security workers all too eager to zap you. While properly-timed shocks of your own can take down most human and robot enemies alike, you’ll find yourself ducking around corridors to avoid getting blasted until it’s your turn to strike. That sounds much more exciting than it actually is in practice, but underneath it all there’s a story about love, family, and near-future mega corporations.

Final thoughts on the Divide Video Game:

If you’re looking for a moody science fiction story, Divide is a viable way to pass a few hours. Unfortunately, the muddled combination of the point-and-click, stealth, and top-down shooter genres leads to a game that doesn’t particularly excel in any of those departments. The initial premise is enticing, but the overall execution of it all will leave gamers… divided.


Divide on PS4





  • Intriguing sci-fi story
  • Twin-stick Taser fights


  • Slow dungeon crawling/point-and-click gameplay
  • Environments blend together
  • Lack of direction may deter game progression