We’ve been following Disney Infinity all year since it was announced and now finally have the game in our hands – able to play like regular gamers.  For those new to the Disney Infinity experience — it is a game with many Disney licensed properties as ‘play sets‘ including Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters University, Cars, The Lone Ranger, Toy Story and The Incredibles.  In addition to those play sets there are also additional figures that can be bought separately to play with and use in ‘toy box‘ mode.  The game costs about $75 for a starter-kit containing three figures and three play sets – additional figures run about $14 depending on where you purchase them.

Disney Infinity as a game combines two elements.  First is the platformer with very simple and easy gameplay elements mostly revolving around ‘fetch quests’, bashing things, taking down enemies or retrieving objects.  The difficulty level for the play sets is astoundingly simple – it is geared towards young gamers after all.  The second aspect of Disney Infinity is their big selling point called ‘toy box’ mode.  In toy box mode you are given basic tools and a gaming canvas and can make video games and adventure areas to your heart’s content.  The objects that you use inside the toy box mode are ones that are unlocked from completing missions in the play set gameplay.  Unlike the regular play set gameplay mode – toy box is completely challenging to use and will most likely frustrate anyone with a short attention.  In fact the entire interface and menu system is quite frustrating and poorly designed.

Probably the most charming thing about Disney Infinity is the toys themselves.  As we write this there are more then 25 figures announced with more likely on their way.  The toys are well-designed and much like the popular game Skylanders are used to unlock and play with the characters in-game by sitting them on the Disney Infinity  power-base.  Fans of modern Disney and Pixar films will delight at being able to collect the toys and their variants — there are also blind packs to purchase which are used to change the scenery and add elements in the toy box mode.

It’s impossible not to compare Disney Infinity to Skylanders as both games bring ‘toys to life’ by merging real world collecting with the gaming experience.  Ultimately though – Skylanders is a great game with a toy license behind it and Disney Infinity is a great license with a toy game behind it.  For collectors – Disney Infinity toys are great and do have actions in the game — for gamers looking for a challenge or lasting adventure – Disney Infinity won’t provide that.  Overall, Disney Infinity feels like the type of game that would have be released a few years ago – it is very clumsy and buggy and lacks charming gameplay that would have us coming back for more once completed.

Disney Infinity is available now for multiple platforms –
we’ve provided tons of  gameplay videos at this playlistt: