The Disney Infinity video game is out now and while you are collecting the toys and power discs you may want to consider checking out some of the PDP Accessories and Cases to go along with your shopping needs!  PDP has a variety of excellent products to help sort your Disney Infinity power discs and keep your toys dust-free while storing them on the shelf or in a carrying case.

A couple of the stand-out products are the Disney Infinity ‘Base Protectors’ which you can skin your Disney Infinity power base to match your favorite characters or play sets.  The Disney Infinity ‘Power Disc Album’ is also a must-have for people looking to buy/sell/trade the Disney Infinity discs.  These albums serve as both a ‘check-list’ for what is available and also will hold your power discs and store them easily for travel.  Finally the coolest item is the Disney Infinity ‘Figure Display’ cases in which you can proudly display your toys without the worry of dust or dirty hands getting near them.

Disney Infinity PDP Cases and Accessories