Disney went all out at this year’s E3 Expo to showcase their upcoming game Disney Infinity with playable stations all around the booth, photo opportunities and free tshirts with costume screen prints!  We had a chance to check out the newly announced Disney Infinity playset for the upcoming film The Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger Disney Infinity playset looks like a treat and features lots of fun stuff from the wild wild west including train robberies and other classic western goodness.  Each playset for Disney Infinity will offer a wide array of franchise stuff to play with from the Disney universe — weighing in heavily on the Pixar animated films.

At the E3 Expo we had a chance to shoot some new gameplay showcasing The Lone Ranger Disney Infinity playset and some of the Toy Box mode in which players can create and share their own unique gameplay levels.  The Toy Box mode for Disney Infinity is probably the biggest hook of the game and something that will keep gamers coming back for more and buying new toys and chips to unlock things in their sandbox arsenal.

Disney Infinity comes out in Aug 2013 for various consoles and will feature a similar ‘portal’ to incorporate toys into the gameplay experience.  We had a chance to preview Disney Infinity earlier in the year at the Game Developers Conference so be sure to check out those interviews as well!

Disney Infinity Tonto Vs Jack Sparrow Gameplay

Disney Infinity Making Sidescroller Gameplay

Disney Infinity The Lone Ranger Gameplay