Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two is a platforming adventure game starring everyone’s favorite Disney icon – Mickey Mouse!  The game also features not-so-famous but still-pretty-cool Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  Epic Mickey is a unique platformer as it allows you to either color in the world or use paint thinner to remove objects and walls while playing.

When last we checked in with Epic Mickey a couple of years ago it was a Nintendo Wii exclusive but this time around Epic Mickey 2 is for every system and everyone to check out and the original team (Junction Point) returned to help develop the sequel.

Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two is meant to be played with a friend — as if the title didn’t already suggest that it was a co-op experience, you can also play solo if you chose to.  Careful attention to detail and historic Disney lore is obvious throughout the game – if you visit the Disney theme parks more then once a year then chances are this game will appeal to you.

We played Epic Mickey 2 on the Xbox 360 but if you decide to pick it up for the brand new Nintendo Wii U system then you’ll be able to use the GamePad to see a detailed map with markers to help you reach the end of the levels.

The last time we encountered Epic Mickey (the original game) we were challenged by game mechanics mostly a camera that had a mind of its own.  For the sequel things are much improved – however you’ll still be faces with the challenge of running, jump, dodging while pointing a marker at objects on-screen to either paint on or remove paint from.

Overall Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two does capture the ‘magic of disney’ onto a video game experience – unfortunately most of the magic feels like stuff we’ve seen or played before.  As much as the developers would try to convince you otherwise – the engine and physics feel the same as the first game – especially the  jarring camera/view having sort of a mind of its own.

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