The fine folks over at Disney invited us over to their studio to check out their newly announced and newly released iPad App called Disney Animated.  Disney Animated is a collaboration between Disney Interactive with Touch Press and the Walt Disney Animated Studios.  We were treated to an extensive presentation where Mark Walker (SVP Disney Interactive Entertainment) introduced the app and talked about wanting to bring fans closer to their products using technology and art made possible by Disney Animated.

Dave Bossert (Co-Author/Creative Director Disney Animated Special Projects) talked us through the Disney Animated App step-by-step showing the timeline of movies and how video clips are embedded into the App itself.  As a bonus Disney Animated will include a scene and information about the upcoming animated feature film Frozen.

We had a chance to get our hands on Disney Animated first-hand and speak with their development team.  Disney Animated is a historic  storybook containing art, cultural facts, video clips and more from the Disney back catalog of films and moving forward into their newest release in Frozen.  The interface is very smooth and the text on screen ‘comes to life’ as it animates itself from page to page.  The best way to explain how the iPad App works is to describe it as a giant Disney  encyclopedia in the palm of your hands but when you touch images on screen they come to life and some interact with you as well.

One of the standout features and most interactive element of Disney Animated is a simplified 3D animation program which allows you to create an animated project featuring Vanellope from the film Wreck-It Ralph.  Once you’ve had a chance to pose and animated Vanellope through the App you can share her with your friends online via Facebook and/or Email and if someone you know has Disney Animated they can modify the Vanellope animation on their own iPad.  Just imagine how much fun homework would have been if you could easily share projects like this when you were a kid!

Disney Animated is available now for $13.99 from the Apple Store on the iPad –
more information can be found here:

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