Dishonored is a Victorian/Steampunk immersive experience (or game if you will) that takes players to a strange and mysterious land and drops them inside the body of Corvo Attano.  As Corvo you are betrayed, imprisoned, manipulated and turned into an expert stealth assassin with the ability to wield creative weapons and magical items.

Arkane Studios, Bethesda & ZeniMax all helped bring the excellent experience that is Dishonored to life.  It is a first person action game with tons of stealth-play, character interaction, mystery, suspense and intrigue.  Dishonored is insanely unique and fun to play and no two gameplay experiences will be the same!  We were high on Dishonored during E3 and are happy to see the finished product lives up to our expectations!

Corvo has a trusty sword that he keeps in his right hand but in his left hand you can select either a gun or crossbow weapon or chose to equip a magic item (ability) like Blink, Possession, Bend Time, Windblast and more.  These special abilities can be leveled up over time as you find Runes (by using a thumping heart) hidden in each level.  Hand-to-hand combat is difficult to master at first and you’ll want to avoid it when you can because the odds are generally not in your favor as the game is meant to be played using stealth.

Many people have compared Dishonored to BioShock and it does have similar qualities but we felt like Dishonored was more of a cross between Crysis 2 and Portal 2.  Dishonored allows the same type of freedom in Crysis 2 in which you can use stealth, cover, swim to avoid detection or climb to scout from above.  Crysis 2 also made you manage powers and abilities and upgrade your Nano-suite much like Dishonored upgrades.  Dishonored has Portal 2-like puzzles in which you have to ‘Blink’ from area to area – finding a small ledge or room where hidden Runes or Bone Charms can be found.

Overall Dishonored is a fantastic game and one of the best we’ve played thus far in 2012.  Probably the only two things working against this title out of the gate is that it is a new IP and there is no public demo available (yet) on XBLA or PSN.  Dishonored is available this week on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.  We’ve provided gameplay with commentary by Robert Welkner for you to check out – enjoy!

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