Dishonored 2 (2016) from Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks is the sequel to Dishonored (2012) and features a variety of ways to play through missions and achieve goals.  Dishonored 2, like the first game, specializes in stealth and the mastery of using your special abilities to transverse the lay of the land and dispose of opponents.  As a gamer you can decide on if you’ll take the ‘fight first ask questions later’ approach or ‘avoid conflict and sneak around’ method – each giving you a different challenge to the way the game unfolds.

The original Dishonored was filled with intrigue and wonders to explore and Dishonored 2 continues on that same road.  In many ways Dishonored 2 feels more like a continuation of the first game and not so much a sequel as the controls and visuals look and feel the same.  This time around you can play as either Corvo (hero from the first game) or Emily Kaldwin – who was a child in the first game and is now all grown up complete with her own unique abilities.  The skill tree has been modified to allow gamers to be more precise on how they want to level up their abilities and for those who want a real challenge it is possible to play the entire game without powers giving you both bragging rights and a special Trophy/Achievement.

Final thoughts on the Dishonored 2 video game:

The original Dishonored game was quite an achievement as it was fun exploring levels and taking out bad guys with either sword, magic or by sneaking up behind them with a choke hold.  Dishonored 2 doesn’t add much new as for the visuals or gameplay but there are some new elements to combat like being able to do a charged strike attack which will render enemies helpless long enough for you to put them to sleep and also Emily’s new abilities.  Ultimately we would have liked to have seen an improvement to the dialogue scenes and loading times decreased as part of the upgrades but that doesn’t deter Dishonored 2 from being one of the best games released in 2016.

Dishonored 2 (PS4)


Dishonored 2 Score



  • Excellent story
  • A.I. responsive to environment
  • Play as you want with many choices


  • Graphics not huge leap from last game
  • Will turn off gamers who don't like stealth
  • PS4 version works fine - questionable on PC