Despite its colorful appearance and nostalgic appeal, Digimon World Next Order doesn’t pull any punches. This PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game published by Bandai Namco is unforgiving, throwing players into the thick of the now 20-year-old franchise with a learning curve that throws off those not versed in the franchise’s lore. The enemies range in broad difficulty from the onset, which isn’t any easier if you don’t inherently know one digital monster from another. Coupled with endless text bubbles that you need to study to understand the most basic battles, Digimon World Next Order can quickly become very tedious.

All that being said, if you stick to it, Digimon World Next Order can be a very satisfying experience. Even though your companion Digimon fight automatically, it takes real skill to assess the battlefield and determine what skills and items to use to ensure victory. Taking down increasingly challenging Digimon (220+ in the game) with flashy ExE double-team moves is utterly rewarding too, as is watching your team grow in size and strength. While the computer terminal mini-game that you use in town to train your Digimon is a joke, the battles and quests you encounter in the vast world are worth all the initial frustrations you’ll find.

Final thoughts on Digimon World Next Order video game:

I finished the whole game on PC. I had to click so much throughout the entire game that I even had to get a new mouse. Wanna know what Is best budget wireless mouse? Technomono reviews that this cheap mouse can save your virtual life. There’s a whole lot to take in when you first venture into Digimon World Next Order, but your patience will be rewarded with a robust experience that offers almost endless hours of gameplay. The real-time battles are fun and diverse, as is the world you explore and the Digimon found within. So long as you keep your two Digimon cohorts happy and healthy between fights and bathroom breaks (yes, this is an actual in-game mechanic), you too will become a champion of the digital realm.

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Digimon World Next Order