There’s a trick to HD (High Definition) remakes that the decision makers at game companies may not realize. Pay close attention now; the trick is first that the game in question has to be good the first time around. Secondly, deviations from that original successful formula are unacceptable. It also doesn’t hurt if there’s a large fan base as well. So, does the original Devil May Cry trilogy fit the bill? Was Devil May Cry HD Collection even worthy of being made?

Crisp and smooth action that is satisfying and rewarding. Quality level design. Devil May Cry HD Collection carries with it all that made the almost universally loved DMC trilogy great. In fact, all three games remain intact from those bygone days of the PlayStation 2. All that combo heavy sword and gun play is back, in full effect, and it all holds up very well.

The HD updated graphics are… passable. It’s tough to give HD updates a fair shake when current generation games are what we’re used to seeing.  It’s a bit of a challenge to imagine just how much of an improvement you’re actually looking at in a re-mastered collection without a side by side comparison. So that’s what we’ve done. Comparing screen shots of in game action from both the PS2 and Xbox 360 versions of DMC I it’s clear that Capcom moved the HD slider as far up as it could go. Of course, Devil May Cry HD Collection does not look like a current generation game, but there’s only so much that can be done with the source material.

The addition of an extensive art gallery, complete with some fan art from the Capcom community, and an audio gallery featuring a bunch of music makes Devil May Cry HD Collection a great package. Oh, and it has a price point of about $40. That’s DMC I and III with the bonus fan service stuff, updated in HD, and Capcom threw in DMC II for free! By not deviating from what made DMC successful in the first place and choosing a quality popular franchise Capcom scores with Devil May Cry HD Collection. Old fans and those who missed the series the first time around will be pleased with this win filled HD port.

The Devil May Cry HD Collection is available now for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 from Capcom.