Nintendo fans rejoice because D3 PUBLISHERS has a handful of fun games on the horizon for the Wii and DS and we got a chance to check them all out! D3 showed off Puzzle Quest 2 (DS/XBL), Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (DS), Kid Adventures: Sky Captain (Wii), and Despicable Me (Wii/DS/PSP/PS2).

Puzzle Quest and Blue Dragon have the most history out of this batch. Puzzle Quest 2 offers lush graphics and cut scenes between gameplay which consists of matching up 3 gems and using abilities to tackle challenges. Casual gamers will enjoy Puzzle Quest 2 and it has a good handful of multiplayer options. The Blue Dragon franchise is revered on the Xbox 360 as a console role-playing game and this new DS version Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow picks up where that game left off. Most of the time we spent on the demo consisted of  character creation and customization. The gameplay works well with the touch screen and graphics look about as nice as they can get on a DS.

Kid Adventures: Sky Captain will be available on the Nintendo Wii and uses the Wii-Mote to fly your airplane, chopper or other mysterious flying objects. Sky Captain feels like bonus ‘flying’ levels to a more advanced platformer game but once you get a feel for the controls you’ll have an afternoon of fun ahead of you. Despicable Me on the Nintendo Wii was the standout of the bunch with fun and quirky side-scrolling platforming and puzzles. Steve Carell, who also stars in the film, helped provide the voice for the lead character who comes equipped with an arsenal of never-before-seen weapons and gadgets like shrink rays and freeze rays.