Hideo Kojima (video game developer) and Hermen Hulst (Guerrilla Games) took part in a 22-minute Death Stranding E3 preview presentation during the Sony PlayStation Press Conference at E3 Expo 2018. Death Stranding is one of those rare video games that has a certain mystique and anticipation surrounding it. Gamers around the world hinge on every word, phrase or tweet from Hideo Kojima who previously helped build the Metal Gear Solid franchise into a mammoth for hype and sales.

We know so little about the upcoming game Death Stranding outside of a handful of critical elements and that mystery will probably continue to remain with the game all the way up until its release. We do know that actor Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead TV series will be the main protagonist and seems to have to transverse what seems like half a continent with a baby fetus on his back. Hideo Kojima has mentioned in the past that Death Stranding deals with a connection between people or beings which ties into the haunting visuals we’ve seen of cables or lines dangling from bodies floating in the area.

death stranding e3 preview

During Sony’s PlayStation Press Conference at E3 2018 we got to see new gameplay with a female character showing up to interact with the Norman Reedus character but is she real or just a ghost coming back to haunt him? Some have speculated this female character to be a wife or former lover who was probably killed and maybe somehow will be brought back to life through some fantasy magic revolving around the baby fetus Reedus carries. The new footage from Sony’s PlayStation Press Conference does seem to suggest a lonely adventure taking place over vast landscapes both above and underground. Thankfully the team behind the visuals look to have gone above and beyond making Death Stranding look appealing.

death stranding

The biggest question surrounding Death Stranding?

Probably the biggest question outside of the story for Death Stranding will be its release date. We’ve already seen many people commit to a pre-order of the game and some declaring ‘take my money’ as they anxiously await the release of Death Stranding. Unfortunately, Kojima has a history of taking too long to develop and finish a game as Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain took over 5 years to complete and caused a rift between his relationship to Konami. Some websites have put odds on Death Stranding releasing in 2019 which would help appease an appetite for the game but there is also some of us who feel that Death Stranding won’t see the light of day until 2020 or even beyond!