Ready At Dawn announced their newest console game called ‘De-formers‘ which is a multiplayer brawler featuring cartoon characters who charge into each other while rolling around.  De-formers is a development project between Ready At Dawn and the newly formed Gametrust a distribution leg of the GameStop retail store chains.

De-formers features online and local multiplayer melee combat up to 8 people total and can be a combination of all online battle or with local co-op also.  The characters are original and whacky and have names like ‘Rage Fish’, ‘Blob’ and ‘Razor Ball’ – each one complete with their own special abilities.

At our hands-on demo we played through 3 different maps but the developers promise there will be more.  Each map has different modes as well like ’tilt’ which made the arena shift in position while playing.  De-formers sort of felt like playing ‘dodgeball’ with yourself as the ball and target.  For players looking to perform advanced combat moves there is a way to watch back matches of your opponent’s gameplay to see each move they made in their successful or unsuccessful attempts at winning the game.

De-formers will release later this year (2016) for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.