Like a summer blockbuster film directed by Michael Bay, Danger Zone 2 is filled with all the explosions that you can handle – and a few more for good measure.

Danger Zone 2 is a car wreck of a game, but not wholly in the fun way that publisher/developer Three Fields Entertainment likely intended. If you take the Crash mode from the popular Burnout racing franchise and add finicky controls with limited, repetitive gameplay, then you’ve got the gist of this arcade-like smash-em-up experience.

danger zone 2 review

Coming from someone who prefers the forgiving controls of racing games like Burnout, Crazy Taxi, Need for Speed, and even Mario Kart, Danger Zone 2 is a study in memorizing tracks and getting frustrated faster than you can expect your car to slam into a tree. There are only a few dozen tracks and 8 vehicles to speak of in this game, and a limited amount of time to achieve your goal on each course with the car you’re given. Be it smashing into taxis and caravans or achieving multiple speed boosts in a row, the goal at the end of each track is causing as much damage as possible. You can definitely play through Danger Zone 2 with your brain on cruise control – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Danger Zone 2 Review Final Thoughts:

With cars that go out of control after barely clipping surrounding cars and courses so fast that they’ll leave you furious, Danger Zone 2 is a study in speed and spectacular crashes. If you’ve ever spent time playing with toy cars as a kid, this title is likely to keep your attention – even if only for a short while. So long as you go in knowing about the limited cars, courses, and options in Danger Zone 2, smashing vehicles to bits on purpose won’t leave you feeling as bad.

Danger Zone 2 on PS4


Danger Zone 2 Review Score



  • Action-packed courses that ask you to smash into other vehicles ON PURPOSE.
  • Easy controls that gamers of all ages can pick up and play almost instantly.
  • Goals that are straightforward but just different enough to keep you interested.


  • Poor menu design makes it difficult to read prompts/goals on screen.
  • Choppy audio cuts out occasionally when smashing into others.
  • Inconsistent environmental hazards. Select railings can be driven through, and trees are made of adamantium.