Anime Expo is ‘the big one’ for all things Japanese animation, toys, hobby and more but what truly makes this annual event fun is the cosplayers.  Anime Expo has some of the best cosplayers in the nation.  You’ve got your Narutos, your Pokemons, your Kingdom Hearts, your Transformers, you name it and chances are someone is dressed as one at Anime Expo.   Attendance was up from last year, bringing in close to 45,000 fans from across the world, making this one of the largest conventions in Los Angeles.

Other Anime Expo highlights revolve around their large exhibit hall, panels with industry members from TV/Film, AX Idol and the very popular masquerade.  2009’s Anime Expo held a special Power Rangers reunion with cast members from up and down the series who spoke at a panel and signed autographs all weekend.

This year I decided to slap together a costume of my own and parade around Anime Expo as Marty McFly from the Back To The Future films.  I tried my best to match the look and attitude of McFly which was made famous by Michael J. Fox in the films.