Talk show host Conan O’Brien has been making a name for himself in the video game industry with his ‘Clueless Gamer‘ segment in which he plays and reviews games in a casual and comical style.  Conan made an appearance at Blizzcon 2013 to film coverage and segments – mostly talking and trying out the popular MMO World Of Warcraft.

Conan’s brand of humor and style is unique in that it fits right into the ‘gaming attitude’ as well as the main- stream public – you get a sense that even though Conan is ‘playing’ the confused-oblivious guy that he’s quite aware of his surroundings and audience.  We’ve not yet seen an episode of ‘Clueless Gamer’ that has failed to bring comedy and a lighthearted charm to an industry that has become very serious and jaded over the last handful of years.

Conan O’Brien at Blizzcon 2013

(Photos by BlankLogo Photography)