The duty of the President is to protect the citizens who they preside over. Too bad the Vice-President in Citizens of Earth uses them as a fighting force then. This quirky RPG has a heavy influence from Earthbound, from the battle system to the humor.The VP of Earth recruits regular denizens to help him lay down the law in a sort of half RPG, half management simulator. While the demo I played was a bit cluttered with side missions to collect party members, the full game is supposed to have a fair amount of story.

The main antagonist seemed to be the other presidential candidate, bitter from his recent loss.  Besides that the combat is exactly how you’d expect but with a small twist. Some attacks cost a form of MP per the usual, but others add to it. Players can’t just stock up until harder fights though, so managing this give-and-take system will be key. Citizens of Earth seems like a fun little title and I’m glad to see it getting published soon.

Citizens of Earth Trailer