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Skylanders Giants Sidekicks Frito-Lay Promotion

Last year we saw the Skylanders Sidekicks promotion with Frito-Lay potato chips and this year they are back again starting 6/30/13.  Skylanders Sidekicks are cute mini-versions (full set of four) that follow you around in the game like little pets.  The Skylanders Sidekicks do not do much in the way to enhance the gameplay experience [...]

Skylanders Polar Whirlwind at GameStop

GameStop stores in the U.S. had a promotion over the weekend where you could pick up the Skylanders variant Polar Whirlwind, get a discount on figures, land a free Skylanders Sidekick, score a free poster and more!  We're not quite sure why this was the right time for GameStop to roll out the promotions but [...]

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Skylanders Swap Force Toys E3 Recap

At the E3 Expo Activision revealed some new toys for the upcoming game in Riptide, Pop Thorn, Rattle Shake, Spy Rise, Fire Kraken and Gorilla Drilla -- we were able to showcase these figures along with an interview with Guha Bala from Vicarious Visions who explained them in great detail.

Top 5 Skylanders Giants

The Skylanders franchise has exceeded expectations and popularity. All 16 of the new Skylanders Giants figures are currently out on store shelves thus it is now time to recap the Top 5 figures - be sure to check out the video below to find out what our picks were!

ACTIVATE Now Available on Skylanders iOS Games

Activision announced their 'Activiate' feature months ago which would allow for people to 'become friends' and play with one-another on their mobile games like Skylanders Cloud Patrol and Skylanders Lost Islands. This week their iOS game Skylanders Lost Islands received an update which now features 'Activate' -- what does this mean? It means that Skylanders fans around the world can now link up and play games together on their iOS devices -- a first for this high-selling franchise.

Skylanders Giants SPYRO Figure

Hey remember when Skylanders was a series based around Spyro? Well that is still sorta true with the sequel Skylanders Giants so we were excited to finally get our hands on the Spyro Series 2 figure out in stores now as part of the Wave 4 shipments! Spyro Series 2 Vlog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GjlMJzjIYk

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